Friday, January 31, 2014

Why You Should Never Trust A Girl Who Writes For Elite Daily

People on the Internet get paid to write horseshit.

Here I am pouring out my heart in fonts and trying my best to relate to others while barely getting a few hits from Facebook friends while there are self-proclaimed comediennes who write drivel such as Why You Should Never Trust a Girl With No Girlfriends for Elite Daily.

The entire premise of the article is exactly the way it sounds. The girl who wrote it posits that girls who cannot maintain friendships with other girls are manipulative, conniving, fucked up cunts and puts these women into a few categories. All in all, the article makes her sound completely insecure and the exact kind of woman that makes a horrible friend—the exact kind that surrounds herself with women just like herself in an attempt to feel like people actually, maybe like her (but don’t).

For one, let’s look at the title. Why you should never trust a girl… I suppose that should be telling. The writer may have decided not to use the word “women” for a reason, but this article, as well as others by the same person, are all under the “women” category.

I have a hard time believing that anyone who thinks that a member of the female gender needs to be surrounded by other females in order to be a productive member of society should have a voice telling others all about women, how we think, what’s wrong us, and what we want.

Let’s just get one thing straight. There IS a “we.” This collective “we” should show solidarity on many issues especially sociopolitical ones, but when it comes to determining if a single person is trustworthy by how many close girl friends she has, there is no “we” in the equation. The author does attempt to mention that perhaps introverts should be left out of this discussion. Instead of actually using the term “introverted,” however, she decides to refer to those of us who prefer alone time to social hour as “loners who want to be misunderstood.”

There are women who choose not to surround themselves with other women for good fucking reasons. Be it small town life or maybe just the whole idea that having women around to contradict self-depreciating statements and “girl talk” is unhealthy, there are reasons that cliques are not necessary. There’s also something to be said about having good friends because they’re good friends no matter their sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, or any of the rest.

How ignorant can one person possibly be?

It actually gets even worse.

In another article, 47 Things All Girls Can Agree On, the author, if you can call her that, shows just how privileged and vapid she really is.

1. Leggings as pants. Obviously she never considered that some of us are not meant for leggings as pants. Women come in all shapes and sizes and some of those women aren’t the kind of shape that leggings would flatter. Thin privilege shouting loudly.

2. Tanning is not good so use the spray kind that way we all look orange. WHAT ABOUT WOMEN OF COLOR?! You just said all girls can agree on this, so why would you assume that all girls are fucking white?

3. “Waxing, shaving or lasering: Here’s how it goes depending on where you lie on the spectrum. You either A. Wish you could afford to get it lasered B. Have a steady boyfriend so you shave or C. you’re single and love your special one-and-only lady friend who gets to go down there once a month, which is more action than you’re currently getting from anyone else. You just wish you didn’t have to pay for it.” I don’t even know what to say.

4. Something else completely idiotic that actually no one agrees on or even really fucking cares about.

5. Quiche is awesome. And some people barely get to eat much less eat quiche. Some of those people have vaginas. Some people with vaginas or who are trans are fucking starving. Quiche? That’s what we all agree on?

6. Red lipstick is awesome and if you disagree you’re “jelly.” And, you, dear awful writer, are a moron.

7. Sororities are great ways to meet the best people. What a privileged fucking clown. 

8. More fashion bullshit that really isn't a topic anyone cares about. 

9. Birth control. It's all bad so let's hope you don't get pregnant. THIS is why Republicans think women use abortion as birth control. I'm all for being sexually active. It doesn't make anyone a slut to love sex. So, don't get me wrong, I'm not slut-shaming in the least, but if you're going to fuck around, be responsible. Make an effort NOT to get pregnant instead of just hoping. In my state alone, there are over 13,000 children without homes. This is not at all the issue that someone speaking for women should be callous about. 

10. Wearing a jacket to the bar. Because women be drinking. Or not. Some of us care about things other than fashion and getting drunk. Apparently, that never occurred to the author, however. 

And it goes on…Uggs, Kim Kardashian, the correct pronunciation of celebrity names, girl bands, anal sex (no, assplay isn't the only thing "we" like more than assholes. jesus h. christ), extensions, Real Housewives, drama, and more are topics that we “all” agree on. At every turn, her words scream “privileged” and “ignorant” yet she’s getting paid to be the voice of Millennial women.

When a website is so hard-pressed for material, that this is the kind of garbage they’re peddling for women, it loses any and all credibility.

There’s something wrong with letting this kind of clownish, shallow, unfounded opinion speak for any group.

And, there’s definitely something wrong with this person in general. If you ask me, I can, without a doubt, say that the type of woman you absolutely shouldn’t trust is one that writes garbage articles for the women section on Elite Daily.

Fuck her. Fuck her inability to see past her own privileged bubble. And, fuck Elite Daily for peddling this bullshit as something women actually want to read and paying her to write it. The site may as well do itself a favor and change the category to “Rich, White Girls" because looking at the rest of the topics in that section, they have no idea what a woman actually is. 

This is the photo from the 47 Things article. Kinda says it all, don't you think?

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