Friday, March 6, 2015

Ask Me About My Crafts

Today is Secret Subject Swap day! This month 14 bloggers have signed up for the Swap challenge. We each submit prompts ahead of time which are distributed and handed out about 2 weeks before the post date. None of us know who got which prompt until today when we all sit down to read and comment and discover it all at the same time. So, sit back and enjoy a cuppa whatever you love and enjoy the adventure. There will be links to all the other blogs who participated at the end. 

My “Secret Subject” is:
March is National Craft month. Are you a crafty person? What have you created in the past, or what would you like to create?

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Without trying to sound completely full of myself, I am one crafty bitch--in every sense of the word.

Craftiness, of course, has several meanings. Clever, accomplishing goals by sly methods, creating objects, decorative or otherwise, by hand. Yes, yes, and yes. I am, indeed, pretty crafty.

Craftiness of every sort is probably one of the main things I picked up from my mom growing up. If something was broken, she would take it apart to figure out what was wrong and try her damnedest to get it back together and working. If she wanted something, more often than not, she would make it herself—like the doghouse she built for our Australian Shepherd Katie and the picnic table that lived under the pecan trees in the front yard. She was also pretty fucking handy with a hot glue gun and some fake rosettes. She still has a hat she decorated years ago with said rosettes and some lace ribbon hanging on a wall in her living room.

I’ve been known to invoke the power of craftiness a time or two in my day much like my mom before me. I’m responsible for the décor in my house from the paint on the walls to the colors of the frames that hold my records, band flyers, and pop culture themed prints. I have a Cyndi Lauper album in a frame I sprayed with black glittered paints as well as a wisteria purple color because doesn’t that seem fitting for the girl who just wants to have fun? I also have a knack for lamp creating. In my living room, I have a lamp I created out of a bowling pin (The Big Lewbowski) and an antique I bought in a thrift store that I rewired and turned into a High Fidelity themed piece. For my room, I took a lamp I found at Goodwill and used old record inserts to decorate the lamp shade. I plan on using a small cable roll to make a Johnny Cash themed lamp for the other bedside table next. It’s going to be quite an involved project, but I have faith I’ll get it done. I’ve also turned my tv stand doors and my all my living room tables into collages of movie images and covers. In my kitchen, I’ve really gone for a mid-century décor and have been able to replace my light fixtures with vintage pieces as well as doing some small touches like covering my light switch plates with vintage mushroom style shelf liner (my kitchen has tons of vintage mushroom décor as is). I've been known to make a pretty tasty cupcake and definitely some delicious cheesecakes of all types. My favorite so far was a pumpkin cheesecake covered in homemade salted caramel dip. And to top it all off, I make my kid's and my own Halloween costumes every year either using already made pieces as a base or starting from scratch.

I’m not quite as crafty as others. I’m certainly no Pinterest mom. I don’t make yogurt from my own vaginal secretions like that one woman or scrapbook every memory (though I’m often envious of people who have the time and energy to do so). I’m not so clever that I could fashion a life saving, bomb shelter from a few toilet paper rolls and my own bras like an alternative culture, huge boob having, non-mulleted MacGyver. But let’s face it, that’s alright because my bras are their own bomb shelters anyway. I’ll save you all.

And, of course, if you're one of those people who thinks it counts, I craft with words. Some of the things I've posted on this blog in the last year are some of my most prized examples of crafting, in fact. I'd like to think the places and feelings I create with with words would rival even Pinterest projects. 

White Russian cupcakes

Zombie Angus Young

Red Riding Hood took down the Wolf


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  1. WOW!! You are VERY crafty!!!!
    LOVE the zombie Angus Young!! BRILLIANT!!!!!!

  2. Yeah! You got mine!! I love your decor! What an awesome sense of style you have. That Red Riding Hood costume is awesome!!!

  3. Yes. You're definitely crafty. I consider myself more artistic than crafty. I'm in awe of your talent. Awesome costumes and decor!

  4. First, absolutely writing counts. I have a friend with an e-paper about art called ArtisanLife, Daily. She includes my posts because she considers writing a craft. I'm so grateful to her for the way she acknowledges the vehicle I chose for expressing myself.
    Second, wow. You ARE crafty. Why have I not known this? When are you joining in a Blog With Friends (monthly theme based project tutorials) post?

  5. You are one fabulous crafty bitch.

    And I was going to get upset if you didn't include your word craftiness because you are an amazing writer.

  6. whoa...what a great prompt for you! YOU ROCK!!!!!
    I am far from crafty...I wish I was but I just fail. I can crochet, does that count.

  7. I'm with Karen - when are you joining us in our Blog with Friends group posts!?

    Love love love the bowling pin lamp!! And your take on Red Riding Hood - plus is that an undead Angus Young? Rock on!

  8. I agree, you are one crafty bitch :-)
    Now talk is cheap, so I loved that you've included pictures of your fabulous stuff, loved the records on the wall best!
    How cool to get to know a whole new side of you!

  9. One crafty bitch for sure! Love the bowling pin lamp and the record wall. And yes I consider writing a craft, a gift and a talent. Rock on!

  10. One crafty bitch for sure! Love the bowling pin lamp and the record wall. And yes I consider writing a craft, a gift and a talent. Rock on!

  11. There's nothing better than getting your craft on. I wish I was able to turn my hand at some of the projects you've been able to do, they all look amazing.

  12. As a baking, cooking ,photography loving, crafty blogger, I LOVE your photos and creations. Great job! I love to take something and create a new one of a kind just for me item. :)

  13. I'm digging the lamp. So cool. And yes, crafting with words does count!