Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Theme Therefore I Am

Sometimes I get so lost in sharing the world that lives inside my head, the inner dialogue that needs to be spilled forth into text, the stories that swirl around begging to be told that I forget to share my reality at times.

I have my passions as evidenced by what I write. Feminism, rape culture, politics, privilege, love, relationships, the death penalty, the justice system overall... so many important things needing change and attention and impassioned voices. If you were to walk in my home, however, you'd see more of my other obsessions--music, movies, retro decor, gaming, the macabre. Every room has a theme and theming is apparently what I love. I can't say I'm the queen of interior design, but it's all me. You see part of me in every nook and cranny.

The living room is all about film. Prints from my favorite movies, vinyl soundtracks from movies, pop culture prints that are mashups of film and other elements line the walls. My tables are all collages of old VHS and DVD covers. The throw pillows are shaped like VHS cassettes, retro televisions, and the bride of Frankenstein. My favorite movies are on display on the entertainment stand, and the lamps were handmade by me in tribute to two of my favorite films. When I theme, I go all out.

can you guess the films the lamps are tributes to???

my first album 
My room is music...I sleep, breathe, live it, and for my room, it's totally fitting. The walls are covered with records, music note decals, and concert posters. Every single thing on the walls is related to my love of music. When I inherited some records from my dad after he died, there was a box of old 45s in the mix that were already damaged after being stored in the attic and were unplayable. I knew that I had to put them to use though...There are some great ones among the bunch. Bobby Fuller, The Beatles, Elvis, Bread, The Who, The Monkees... So, I used them to construct a music note on one of my walls amidst all the other music related wall decor. It's pretty killer. I can't imagine ever doing anything else with my room. When I'm 80, I'll be the baddest Grandma in the land, I suppose.

The kitchen is all retro mushrooms and owl. I have vintage mushroom decor and lots of wall decals. I even have a John Entwistle record on the wall that has an owl on the cover. And, I also took some vintage shelf liner paper covered in mushrooms and covered my lightswitch covers and found some vintage light globes in an abandoned house that belonged to some of my best friend's family. I couldn't believe my luck when I found them... the house has been broken into and damaged from stupid kids in the area but there were these awesomely retro globes untouched and gorgeous and perfect. I still have plans to do something more with my cabinets and possibly retiling the floor to something with a more vintage vibe, but for now, I'm totally in love with it. Oh, and I also have some plans to do a backsplash behind my stove using some pieces of mushroom tiles that are often
available on Etsy.

The master bathroom is a work in progress. I've begun a sort of macabre theme in there after some
trial and error with past decor. This time, there's a zombie cameo shower curtain, apothecary style jars, and even a skull toilet brush holder. I'm hoping to do a little more in here... paint the walls a deep gray color with some bright accents like bright teal rugs and light switch covers as well as some bright accent paint. I have some wall decals for this room too and am really looking forward to getting them up. I've even found a skeleton cameo decal on Amazon that will look perfect with the shower curtain.

The kiddo has his own tastes which are just a mashup of everything he loves in the world--minecraft, adventure time, star wars, and mario. And he's just recently asked for his bathroom to change from silly little monsters to pirate-type stuff. So eventually every room will have it's own perfect little theme and it will be awesome.

So that's the actual physical world I live in day in and day out...Seeing it laid out here and talking about it makes me realize it's just as magical as the worlds I live in inside my own head. I've done a good job making this house an extension of my personality and I have to admit I'm pretty in love with it :) It's just as unconventional as me, don't you think?

Today's Prompt was Design for Sunday Confessions with More Than Cheese and Beer. Please check out the other link ups from great bloggers over on her page and stop in for anonymous confessions on her Facebook page. Thanks for reading!


  1. That's one badass house! Come do mine!

  2. I might have to hire you to decorate my house. I like your style...just add funky art and glitter and I'll be happy :-)

  3. I love how you decorated your home, you are very talented writer, and I see how that talent is reflected in your decorating. Thank you for sharing that, it makes me think of some awesome ideas to do in my laundry room. ��