Friday, June 9, 2017

Oh What A Day

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 11 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My “Secret Subject” is:

Inspired by Seinfeld's "Festivus", create your own holiday. How would you celebrate it and get others to join in?

It was submitted by:


I have a friend who is pretty religious. He’s Muslim. I’m not. Actually, I’m not religious at all. I hesitate to use “atheist,” but that hesitation is mostly because of the fuckery associated with the label more so than it not actually applying to my fundamental beliefs. This friend knows this about me and has taken great pains to try to change it. I don’t seek out the debate, but I find myself always trying to defend why I believe what I do, and what is most irritating is that I often end up feeling like this person doesn’t buy that I have ever learned a thing about religion or that I even believe what I say I do. To him, it seems that this belief system I have is more akin to me being a rebellious teenager raging at her daddy and yelling “I hate you!” every time she doesn’t get her way. I’m not resentful over the life I’ve had because it hasn’t been easy, and I’m not the kind of person who makes unfounded decisions based on emotion alone. He, the friend, knows that about me when it comes to anything else, but in this context, about a creator, he just can’t wrap his head around my lack of religion. I despise not being heard. I don’t mind explaining how I arrived at this point and what I do believe, but if I tell you this is who I am, don’t tell me you know me better than I know myself.

BUT, I get it in a way. I do. He loves me, and he doesn’t want my soul to suffer for eternity due to what he believes is a rash decision I made because I was abused as a kid. His intention is good, but that really doesn’t change how frustrating and fucking annoying it is to constantly have to defend my ability to be systematic and rational. It doesn’t change the fact that I would much rather people accept me as I am unless I somehow demonstrate that I want or need to change. And it doesn’t change the fact that I somehow have to prove I have thoroughly researched religion in order to be understood by someone (or many someones throughout my life) who was handed their belief system from birth and never questioned it.

I don’t care what someone believes as long as they’re a good person and are true to the core values of the religion. I’ve had friends of all beliefs, and I never try to force Richard Dawkins down their throat. What I want is the same respect.

I think a lot of misconception about other people’s beliefs, religion or otherwise, hinges on this idea people have that if someone is different than them, they’re an idiot, that they don't know what they're talking about and weren't taught better. Don’t get me wrong—I fully and perfectly understand that many beliefs are rooted firmly in ignorance and hatred, and I don’t mean those. But a lot of the time differences in beliefs don’t necessarily equate to differences in VALUES nor does it mean that anyone is an idiot in need of enlightenment.

Except Trump. Trump is definitely a fucking idiot.

Perhaps a national holiday giving people time off work to explore a belief system other than their own would help so many of us. Atheists already host an Ask an Atheist day which is a good step maybe, but the Internet affords a kind of free-for-all anonymity that ends up ruining every.fucking.thing. Workshops with panels of volunteers who want to talk about their beliefs, speeches, banquets, dinners, bake sales…there are so many ways this could happen that would open up the narrow culture most people tend to have.

Personally, I would be find with Get Your Head Out of Your Ass Day, but I highly doubt that would fly with the general public, and Coexistence Day is a little too flower-child to pass either Ask Me About My Religion day might work, and I’d be fine with it even without a religion.

And if that plan were to fall through, we can always attempt my real dream—Halloween for adults who dress up and trick or treat in friends’ neighborhoods asking for booze and a little weed depending on where you live. Sounds much better than the sad 10% candy tax I get off Evan’s haul each year.


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  1. I like all of your holiday ideas. I personally get so angry when people ring my doorbell trying to tell me that I need to believe what they do. This is the sanctuary of MY home, not your hunting ground.

  2. Halloween for adults...please but can it be longer than one day...?

    But Im down for Get Your Head Outta Your Ass Day. We would all benefit from it.

  3. "Halloween for adults"? I'm in.
    Even though I "am" catholic*, meaning I haven't quit yet, I am not into religion. I care about people, and I have values, other than that, who needs a label?
    *When my parent's wanted to get married at a catholic church (Dad = catholic, Mom = jewish) they had to sign a paper saying potential children will be catholic. Excuse me?
    When my then boyfriend and I wanted to get married by a non-catholic priest we needed my catholic's church's permission to do so. I was fully prepared to quit then and there should they give me any grief. The guy was wise enough to sign my papers and wish me good luck.

  4. I swear Jenniy I absolute love coming here for the challenges. You are SOOOO much like me that it's hilarious! I believe in the simple religion of Karma and that's it. You put good out, you get good back. You put shit out, you get Trump! We must have had almost identical upbringings or at least close enough that they're illegal in all 50 states now!

  5. I like the adult halloween asking for boose! Let start it, maybe like every Friday! Work is getting to me and I think I like this option.

  6. Yes, this is definitely an age where people want labels. Religion has a lot to do with how disciplined you want to be and feeling your on the straight and narrow. Stopping by from Use Your words challenge.

  7. I am 100% in support of an adult Halloween. So serious. That would be awesome. I would love to put actual effort into dressing up, and just having some fun. I am the same... I do not care what religion a person is, or if they don't have a religion... I care if you are a good person or not. That is literally all that matters. I don't even care if you are the opposite of me, as long as you are a GOOD person. That is like my one requirement. Just be good. Way too many people disappoint me, that orange person being one of my biggest disappointments. Great post!!

  8. I like the adult halloween asking for boose! Let start it, maybe like every Friday! Work is getting to me and I think I like this option.

  9. I could get behind "get your head out of your ass day! I can just imagine what the Hallmark cards would look like! ��