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Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My secret subject is: Tell us about these April showers. It was submitted by:

This really isn't my kind of prompt (no offense to anyone). I don't really give two fucks about Spring. Allergies, rain storms that keep me from being able to dry the clothes, and the fact that I kinda live like a vampire pretty much means Spring is not my season. My legs cause snow blindness if I am in direct sunlight. So, here's a story about a sex worker instead. Enjoy. 

April Showers. Hmmm. That’s a cheesy name for an escort, Morty had thought. He was sitting in a Vegas hotel room. It wasn’t a 5 star kind of place, but it wasn’t cheap either. The first time he had come to Sin City he had gotten himself one of the cheapest he could find. It was one of those hotels where most of the people were renting by the week for a place to live. He thought he could save more spending money for gambling, but it was the shittiest choice he made that trip. He could see the appeal of living in a hotel by the week if that’s all you could afford, but add Vegas in the mix and most of the folks there were gambling addicts with a side of at least alcoholism and a healthy dose of meth abuse. From the looks of ‘em anyway. That place made the hotel room in Fear and Loathing look like a pristine surgical suite. 

Anyway, this time he had saved up a bit more money and sprung for a better room which must have brought him luck because he had won pretty big playing Craps the first day there. He was up 30 planned on playing it safe. He had no intention of being one of those schmucks who won big, lost it all, and left in the hole.

Instead, he had wanted to treat himself to something he would never have done at home in his regular life as an IT guy for a car and home insurance company that pretty much screwed its clients as often and hard as they possibly could without lube or mercy. And for vacation he wanted to get screwed as often and hard as possible but certainly not by his insurance.

That’s what had lead him to scrolling through images of escorts online. Treat yo’self, he thought, and giggled a little. Always a Parks and Rec fan. It was April Showers that stopped him. She looked to be a bit petite, bleached blonde, smallish lips, smooth calves… She was pretty but not in a conventional sort of way. She wasn’t, by far, the prettiest one on the sites he perused, but she offered something different than most of the others. A girlfriend experience.

“Looking for something more than unrequited passion? Craving intimacy? Want to share more than an hour of naked sweating? Let’s have an adventure together you will never forget.”

In the fine print, the ad stated Ms. Showers would stay for a night for a couple grand or for a week for $10,000. He was only in town for 6 more days but a week with a good-looking woman that promised more than a quick shag. He hadn’t had a girlfriend since college and that had been a bit fleeting. She hadn’t been able to deal with his hours upon hours of World of Warcraft every weekend. Morty felt like he needed that sort of connection with someone for once before the loneliness drove him insane.

So, he had dialed the number on the ad with his hands shaking and a bit clammy and hoped for the best.


“uh…April Showers?”

“Yes, honey. Can I help you?”

“Fuck..I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. It’s just I’ve never done this before and I…well…I don’t know how this works.”

“Don’t worry about that. You just give me your address and how many days you’re looking for and I’ll be on my way. Someone will come with me, a bodyguard of sorts to vet ya, but then he’ll be gone lickety-split, and we can get on to having our adventure.”

“Alright, okay… I don’t know the address, but I’m in Room 313 at the Rio on Flamingo Rd.”

“See you soon, doll.”

And with that she had hung up the phone.

Something like 2 hours later, he finally heard a knock at the door. He had been nervous at first, but at this point, it had already been dragged out so damn long, he didn’t care anymore. Then he had opened the door and… what the fuck.

She was there, but it wasn’t exactly what he expected. He had known when he saw her that it was the same woman--petite, bleach blonde--but, she didn’t look ANYTHING like the photo. She had her hair pulled back in a messy bun, no makeup, sweats, socks with Crocs. Still pretty but not at all what he had expected. A guy that had to be like 6’7 and 400 lbs flanked her and blew past him into room. That guy didn’t make a sound, didn’t introduce himself, took a sweep of the room, dug around in Morty’s suitcase, and pushed his way back out just as abruptly as he arrived.

April waltzed her way into the room with a dance of her hips that hinted to the vixen that was pictured online. She stopped in front of him, close, and leaned in to give him a hug that was far too intimate for someone he just met.

“Hey, sweetie, how was your day?” she asked before parking herself on the tiny couch in the room and covered up with a throw she pulled from one of her bags. He had no idea who the fuck needed a throw in Vegas in the middle of summer whilst wearing sweats, but whatever.

“Uh… fine. Do you want me to pay you now or….?”

Her face changed then. That sweet smirk wiped right off and was replaced by something quite similar to a possessed witch high on meth with a side case of PMS. “Don’t fucking interrupt me when I’m in character. Sampson will be back to take your payment. I’m staying all week, and you’re going to love it.”

That innocent look was back before he could blink. What are these goddamn animals, he thought, and smiled at his own joke (well not techinically his joke since it was Hunter Thompson’s words but still…)

“Where’s the tv remote, babe?”

His brow furrowed at her question, and he had hoped that maybe she was putting on porn…

She had grabbed the remote as soon as he pointed to it on the end table and flipped it to Dancing With the Stars before patting the spot right beside her beckoning him to come sit down. He did as requested, but before his ass could even make an impression on the cushion, she was on her cell phone playing Candy Crush. That’s how it stayed the rest of that night, too—the two of them on the couch with her on her phone pretty much ignoring his existence unless she made a snide remark about something she saw on television. If he dared to fall asleep, she let him know in a hailstorm of swears that she wasn’t with him tonight to watch him sleep. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SPENDING TIME WITH HER, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

That’s how it had gone really for the next 6 days of that trip to Vegas, his last trip to Vegas. The guy who was supposed to come back and collect never showed. April only had sex with him maybe once the entire time, and it wasn’t…well, passionate. It felt like the two of them had slept together a thousand boring times. He bought her tampons, took her to dinner, watched her pop her zits… once she even came into the bathroom while he took a dump and acted like she had seen him on the toilet every day for the entirety of their lives, like it was no big deal. He hadn’t EVER dared even pee in front of a woman before much less dropped a deuce.

5 years ago that was. 5 years. And here she is, still in the bathroom with him popping her zits while he takes a shit. The girlfriend experience packed up and left to go home with him even when he insisted he couldn’t get her a flight out. They rented a car and drove instead with her freaking out about his driving and the two of them fighting the whole 18 hour drive home.

Married, they are. And now she calls herself May. May Flowers-Holstein.


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  1. Seems to me as though you liked this prompt after all.

  2. Well that didn't go as expected, I'm so thrown I'm not even sure what to say. I bet he wishes he had of used a prostitute instead. LOL

  3. Ha! Love it. The girlfriend who never leaves.

  4. Well, that escalated quickly!! LOL

    I love your creative, out of the box take on the subject!! I love the name change at the end!! Excellent job!!

  5. LOL! That was hysterical!! Totally not what I expected, but wonderful nonetheless!!

  6. Wow! I love how you write, honestly. :)